stainless steel ring mesh glove for sale

Macrokun has high quality stainless steel metal mesh butcher gloves for sale.Our product scope covers stainless steel metal ring mesh butcher gloves and stainless steel metal ring mesh apron, wire mesh basket and filter, decorative wire mesh. These products are separately used in different industries. 

stainless steel metal mesh butcher gloves for sale

Stainless steel metal mesh Anti-cutting gloves of the extraordinary anti-cutting performance and wear resistance to make it a high-quality hand labor insurance products. A pair of stainless steel metal mesh butcher gloves life can be quite 500 pairs of ordinary line of gloves, called "to a hundred." The emergence of anti-cutting gloves for ordinary workers to provide an unprecedented security protection. Anti-cutting gloves (stainless steel metal mesh butcher gloves) for the carnivorous division, glass processing, sheet metal processing, metal processing, petrochemical, disaster relief, fire rescue and other industries, is the annual use of labor protection products. Before the "work to wear new gloves, get off work on the fingers" phenomenon will become history. Stainless steel metal mesh Anti-cutting gloves are not afraid of acid and alkali, easy to wash, containing wire cutting gloves and anti-static function.

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