Various types of stainless steel ring mesh chain mail gloves

Chain mail gloves Prevents cutting and piercing, high soft stainless steel ring mesh, stainless steel spiral on the upper edge

According to the staff safety rules of the United States and other European countries, those who work with a sharp knife must use safety gloves to protect their hands.

stainless steel ring mesh chain mail gloves

Stainless steel chain mail gloves Each glove is made up of thousands of independently welded steel rings. It provides reliable safety for our hands, comfortable to wear, flexible to operate, and rugged.

Stainless steel chain mail gloves can fit our left and right hands. Generally, the gloves are worn on the left hand of the work, because they usually use the right hand to take the knife. Reverse the inside and outside of the stainless steel chain mail gloves for the right and left hands. The metal buckle on the nylon belt can be adjusted at will.

Stainless steel chain mail gloves gloves come in a variety of sizes and are identified by different colors. You can refer to the size chart to choose the right size.

Stainless steel chain mail gloves must be cleaned after use. The cleaning method can be washed with high-pressure hot water or safe food-specific detergent and then rinsed with water and dried. Be careful not to hit the gloves on the hard object and ask for water.

Stainless steel chain mail gloves are designed to provide workers with long-term industrial safety. Under long-term use, they are constantly in contact with the sharp knife, and the gloves can have small holes. If the small hole of the glove exceeds 1 square centimeter, the glove needs to be repaired or replaced. The perfect repair service will be provided by the skilled workers of our factory.

Stainless steel chain mail gloves meet international standards in terms of quality, structure and process. Wear stainless steel safety gloves, you and your workers will be very assured and satisfied, because of the reliable safety protection, from the knife injury, the work efficiency will be improved.

chain mail gloves Uses: food processing industry, leather garment manufacturing and related machinery manufacturing.

chain mail gloves Safety: High product safety, it is a must for processing and manufacturing. 

Extended arm guard chain mail gloves: 7.5CM, 15CM, 18CM

chain mail gloves Model: large / medium / small / increase

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