Chain Mail Apron

The Chain Mail Apron is a protective apron made of flexible chainmail that offers the lightest weight protection on the market and comes in two sizes and lengths.

Chain Mail Apron

- Chain Mail Apron complies with the Level 2 protection (Resistance 5 joules as to the standard EC ISO 13998).

- Different styles of straps available: textile, plastic or elastomeric.

- chain mail apron Protective area of chainmesh apron made of 100% metal to guarantee hygiene and easy sanitisation.

- Made of extremely strong stainless steel welded chainmesh (AISI 316L).

- Quality of chainmail is very strong - due to breaking strength of the welding point.

- Strong welds enable extreme resistance against mechanical stress.

- Plastic straps are designed to ensure the aprons stay in place and provide the safest environment to work in.

- Chain Mail Apron Adaptable to all sizes due to double adjustment points for straps and two fixation points for girth of chest and waist.


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